All quiet on the southern front

All quiet on the southern front

I realized I hadn’t said much of anything here since I first set up the site.  I spend most of my time keeping the [U-D-R] site updated when I’ve got time to work on web stuff.

The Altbears site needs some love.  It’s still using the old iWeb design, which I do like for the photo album.  It’s been a good long while since I drew any new bears (other than the ones for school).  Qualfach is a project that will happen when the mood is right.  I’m still putting the majority of my effort into Cut Zero and more importantly [U-D-R].

I am seriously considering scaling back my number of domains.  I’m probably going to drop CRA Studios all together as I have decided to use Uberlaut for both personal and professional business.  Altbears, Cut Zero and some others may end up as subdomains under will hold onto its own URL for the foreseeable future.

I’m am hoping to finally get a regular DJ show going soon.  I’ve been playing with some different software lately and I’m back in my real studio.  I’ve been back home for a while now, but finding DJ software I was happy with was a bit of a challenge.  I’m pretty much all set to go.  I still have another couple hundred to a thousand songs I need to get from my CD collection into my digital music library, but that will come in time.

That’s all for now.

I just wanted to make at least some mention that things are still in progress and that title page wasn’t left for dead.


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