Periodic update

Not much new to report on most of my projects. For the past few months, I have been DJing on twitch. So that’s something at least. [U-D-R] is still on the back burner as I continue to procrastinate on finishing my Cut Zero side project. Just a little update so you know I’m alive!-Anthony

Website Facelift

I seem to be doing this to all my sites. Enjoy! -Anthony

All quiet on the southern front

I realized I hadn’t said much of anything here since I first set up the site.  I spend most of my time keeping the [U-D-R] site updated when I’ve got time to work on web stuff. The Altbears site needs some love.  It’s still using the old iWeb design, which I do like for the…
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Welcome to the new Überlaut website

I’m transitioning away from my old web editor and I’m giving WordPress a try.  I think I like it, so far.  I’m not too far into my css skills, so I was looking for something that fit my needs and looks good and or professional.  I think this is a good compromise between complete customization…
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